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Become an Amani Block Ambassador

In cooperation with the Amani Ambassadors Council of Amani United, and with the assistance Amani neighborhood organizations, Block Ambassadors will be responsible for being a liaison of resources, organization and to be a representative of your block. As a Block Ambassador, you are the one who unites your neighborhood. Together, you can build a vision for a just and unified block.

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The Block Ambassador carries out the general duties associated with the being a member of the Amani Ambassadors council on their individual block, including:

  • Be the spokesperson for community input, problems of: street lights, speed bumps, pot holes, tree trimming, issues of nuisance properties, dumping, illegal activity, and resident concerns for your block.
  • Acting as liaison and communication link with Amani United, Amani Ambassadors council, Amani neighborhood organizations, Institutions, and the participants on their block.
  • Maintain contact with Amani United and the Amani Ambassadors council on a regular basis – at least quarterly.
  • Welcome new residents to your block by explaining the Amani Ambassadors council and encouraging their participation.
  • Maintaining an accurate list of home owners, renters and property owners that is to be updated every six months.
  • Distribution of newsletters, basic need resource information, civic engagement information and workforce development opportunities to all participants on your block.
  • Ensure that Block Ambassador position is not used as a vehicle for promotion for any other cause. Personal information, lists and data are to be treated with confidentiality. Dissemination of information is exclusive to the purposes of the Amani Ambassadors council and will not be shared for any other purpose.
  • Interested in and committed to improving the quality of life on your block
  • Ability to work with others
  • Ability to clearly communicate resident needs
  • Ability to clearly communicate parameters of local programs
  • Respect of confidentiality essential
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